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Impact Learning im Vertrieb


Boost distributor activation capabilities in electrical equipment manufacturing

COMPANY: World leader of electrical equipment and energy management

YEARS: 2014-2016

MISSION: Improve the ability of electrical distribution sales team to mobilize specialized distributors on high value solutions.

A strong focus of distributors on products basics and commodities, with no involvement in developing high value solutions and acting as true advisers to end clients.

Conducted in-depth conversations with a representative sample of key distributors’ sales teams to identify barriers to involving more into those solutions and in consultative selling. These very valuable insights were then shared with selected client sales leaders and sales enablement team, which led to identifying 4 sales initiatives to streghthen. A dedicated training program was then created, mixing classroom modules focusing on mastering the target sales process (with 70% role plays), combined with a very operational reinforcement and anchoring process, including pitching sessions, field coaching and direct distributor feed-back.

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