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Powerful Sales Cultures

Peter Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Culture may be defined as the collection of beliefs, behaviours and values that define the personality of a company. 

In Sales, culture can motivate your staff to do the right thing pather than the easy thing or guarantee that the value for the customer comes first. It can be a very precious asset, but it can also render sales effectiveness efforts completely useless if there is no fit. 

Culture is never static. It evolves over time as new people come and others leave the sales organization.

A strong sales culture fosters continuous improvement, favours initiative, allows failure and learns from it. Every sales manager needs to walk their talk and be a role model for the intended culture. 

Shaping a strong sales culture means influencing the unwritten rules and habits of a sales organisation in a way that supports the acceleration of all the other components of the sales system. It requires to turn sales managers into ‘passionate drivers’ and to work on several related initiatives. The required sales beliefs, behaviours, values and skills need to be defined, clear goals set and the strategy transparently communicated. 

We catalyse the development of such a culture together with the sales management and provide leadership coaching to support shaping the culture towards sales acceleration. This includes addressing all necessary ingredients in line with the history, vision and strategy of the company.

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