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Impact Learning im Vertrieb


Develop complex sales capabilities in construction engineering and mobility services

COMPANY: International leader in intelligent infrastructures

YEARS: 2019-2020

MISSION: Develop complex sales and influence skills of project sales teams, to help them cope with rapidly consolidating and increasingly competitive client business sectors.

A huge diversity of business units, type of projects and ecosystems, with multiple stakeholders and with most contributors not being sales focused.

Started with ‘in vivo’ discovery of ecosystems, project types, sales methods and tools, through interviews and dedicated workshops with all stakeholders. Followed by an assessment of all participants’ competences in complex sales on 5 key dimensions. Then designed a learning path mixing expertise modules (ecosystem analysis, partner assessment, influence strategy, key account management) and operational sales modules (consultative selling, opportunity management, behavioral skills), which were delivered fully remotely and combined with some projects ‘deep dives’ allowing all participants to assess their positioning and work on action plans.

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