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Smart Sales Learning


Develop sales capabilities in the food ingredient sector

COMPANY: International food ingredients producer

YEARS: 2015-2017

MISSION: Boost the level of effectiveness of the entire sales force in Europe, with a specific focus on KAM and sales management.

Rather low level of homogeneity in sales practices across the European markets, with clearly identified gaps concerning the sales intensity level and the ability to sell the entire range to large customers.

Start by an in-depth exchange with all field sales teams on all the key dimensions of performance, including ride alongs with sales individuals and a deep-dive into client sales data, to identify the areas where an uplift was possible. This led to the design of an action-oriented competence development programs for 5 key sales roles and sales managers, combining blended training, operational coaching and client ‘labs’ where specific initiatives were identified and implemented along the way, which contributed to boost the mix sold to clients by more than 30% and improve profitability.

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